Text 12 Mar teacups and port! (1/2)


young diana, my sophomore? year of college. there is so much i should warn her about. things i miss: purple hoodie, gold dangly earrings. 

one thing that surprises most people about me and my love of wine is my age. i am a ripe 26 years old and a floor sommelier at a restaurant who has successfully completed ISG’s Levels 1 & 2 and CMS’s Intro Level.

i’ve been asked several times “how on earth did you get into wine at such a young age?!”  i talk about my family’s influence and how we always had wine around the house and at holidays. i mention that i went to school in california, and people usually just assume i caught the bug from drinking the water there. but in all honesty when i think about how i got into wine - especially ports, sherries, and madeira - i immediately think of teacups, port, & , E53, E101, E102, E85…really, most of my engineering classes. 


i think this is me home for the holidays my junior? year.  for those wondering, yes - this is pretty much my facial expression when i leave chicago and find myself back in ohio. things i miss: earrings, pink shirt.

you see….i had wanted to be an engineer since i was 8 and got into an awesome school for it. but most of the classes made me look like the above. so i did what any college age kid did: i developed a reward system of some kind. some people i knew did chocolate, others did sleep, and a few did video games. 

me? i did port. 

i honestly think the first port i had someone’s mother had bought them and they were trying to get rid of it during a “spring cleaning” party. having never heard of it before (and it being free), young diana said “sure, i’ll give it a try.”

thus began one of my most wonderful and longest lasting relationships - and, truth be told, my gateway to dessert and fortified wines.

that ruby port i had led me to tawny port. tawny port took me to cream sherry (yes cream sherry….i will not be judged!). and from cream sherry i went back to ruby ports and hung around there for a good bit while also exploring non-fortified and non-dessert wine.

now i’d like to say i was always like this in college:


refined young me. things i miss: that sweater, my locks, that scarf, and lofted beds - so much more storage space! 

channeling my prep school days with a crew neck sweater & oxford drinking wine out of a wine glass: classy to the core. 

but i was also like this


young diana smoking hookah (tobacco, molasses, and fruit…for real ya’ll) - i love pairing it with complimenting hot teas on a cool early autumn night. things i miss: green jacket, silver earrings,.that stuffed frog/cheap body pillow, my locks

ridiculously posing for the camera and having a good time after my homework and exams were over: i was in college, afterall. 

and that meant drinking port out of a teacup because it was the only clean glass in my room and completing my digital electronics labs while having a few sips here and there. it became kind of a ritual of sorts, especially for that class.

and that, my readers, is how i got through college and into wine: teacups and port. has a nicer ring than faith and whiskey don’cha think?

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